Why do birds fly away?

For a long time one of the signs of the close arrival of cold autumn and the onset of winter was the departure of migratory birds.

Migratory birds

What birds fly away from our area? The very first to leave our edges cuckoo. Almost immediately after it swallows fly away. A little while later swifts. In late August - early September, at least several species of birds change our climate to a more comfortable one, flying away to warm regions.

With the help of banding birds, ornithologists who study the behavior of migratory birds were able to establish the wintering grounds for various species of birds. For example, our starlings and blackbirds like rest in the south of France or Portugal. Also, they are not averse to settling in Italy or Spain. Cranes and ducks travel to the shores of the Nile, and nightingales and hoopes prefer to rest in the African savannah. Some birds fly not so far. So, for example, quack ducks most often spend the wintering quite close by. They can be found on the Black and Azov seas, in Transcaucasia. And only sometimes they reach the Mediterranean Sea.Birds fly away to warm countries at the same time, usually their departure stretches for several months. Weather conditions can significantly approximate, or on the contrary, delay the time of departure. If the weather is warm and sunny, then the birds are in no hurry to leave their homes. If the cold is felt already from early autumn, the departure of birds accelerates. By the way, not many people know why birds actually fly away. After all, they do this not because it gets cold.

Causes of bird migration

Why do birds fly away? Since the flight to the warm edges of birds is associated with the onset of cold weather, many mistakenly believe that birds migrate south due to cold. Of course, there is some truth in this, but all the same, the decisive factor for the flight of birds is the banal lack of food. For example, the cuckoo per hour consumes about a hundred caterpillars. To keep a tit alive, you have to eat a number of insects per day equal to the weight of its body. During the cold weather, all insects disappear. Most of them just die, leaving a sufficient supply of eggs. Some hide in warm and secluded places. Storks, feeding on toads and small fish, cannot get them from under the crust of ice covering reservoirs with the onset of cold weather.Even mice, which are the favorite ration of some small feathered predators, hide during the cold weather deep underground. It becomes almost impossible for birds to get food for themselves. That is why the birds fly to the south, where they do not have problems with the search for food.

Where do the birds fly?

Typically, birds choose the area where the habitat will be most similar to the one in which they live in their homeland. If the forest is a permanent place of residence, then the bird will look for forest zones with a warmer climate. Steppe birds will search for steppes, fields, or meadows, where they will be able to live in their usual conditions, and find the food that makes up their usual diet. Therefore, to the question: "To which edges do birds fly away?" You can answer simply - in those who do not differ much from their place of residence.

How do birds find their way? There is no single answer to this question. One thing is clear, the bird navigation system is quite well developed. Some of them use large landmarks, mountains, coasts of the seas, and so on, while others fly across the ocean without any landmarks. Many birds are guided by the sun, but there are species that make only night flights. Their ability to find the right route in the dark surprises and baffles modern scientists.They have been searching for an answer to this question for years, hoping that it will help improve navigation systems used in aviation, shipping and other industries.

The winter cold weather will pass, and the migratory birds will return home again. They will fill the air with perky melodies and trills, making it clear that the long-awaited spring has finally arrived. We will again be able to enjoy the spring songs of birds returning from faraway countries.

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