Why do girls suck?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
March 22, 2013

Of course, that blowjob - it is very important for men, and many of them can not understand why girls like to suck dick. An unequivocal answer to this question is impossible. It is much easier to find a compromise in the situation when, on the contrary, they do not want to do it. The reasons for the refusal are very clear and understandable: some do not want to “swallow it” and spit it out means to insult a young man, other women generally think that the male member is something “disgusting and dirty”. And some of them are just afraid of the great size of the merits of their boys - after all, this is how you can choke.

It is regrettable that most male delusions lie precisely in the field of sex. One of the misconceptions - the view that girls do not like to do blowjob. And sexologists claim that it is oral sex that is among the very popular girl sexual fantasies. In fact, women like it the same way, and sometimes even more than men themselves.

The reasons why girls suck dick

And what if your girl accepts the idea of ​​using her mouth for sex with great pleasure? The fact is that the very concept of “blowjob” is already equated to very intimate. This is so to say the last step in the way of the final convergence of partners, the highest degree of unity. If a woman agrees to do a blowjob, then in the man’s head immediately begin to rush to the thought that maybe he is not her first. After all, she very easily decided on such a step. But do not take it that way.

Men do not understand why girls are happy to give them a blowjob. And everything is very simple, because there are only two reasons: either he is pleasant to herself, or she wants to deliver unearthly pleasure to her partner. Third here and should not be. In both cases, a man with this kind of woman will always be in full chocolate. Therefore, one should not wonder why girls suck. It’s better to completely relax and enjoy this process.

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