Why do men give birth to mistresses?

Women are always worried about male treason. This is something to which they can never get used, because a man can outsource another woman even when family relations are in perfect order. Why, in this case, the man needs another woman.

For each individual case, why men give birth to mistresses, has its own explanation. However, the whole diversity of male adultery can be explained by only four main reasons:

  1. Sudden. When men marry for love, thinking that their marriage was done for love. It seems as if everything connects him with his wife - the birth of children and their further upbringing, the problems of life. But one fine moment Love comes. The world that used to appear gray and everyday begins to amaze with the diversity of its color palette. I want to love, no matter what and by all means.
  2. The classic scheme. Living in a marriage and experiencing respect for his wife, a man begins to languish from sexual desires, which are not destined to come true with his wife.This pushes him to find a partner with whom these inclinations no longer need to be hidden. Relationships can continue for many years, if you can find yourself such a partner. Getting on the side of what is missing at home, both lovers can behave in the family circle even better than before.
  3. Fashionable reason. The desire to show their success, as a successful person must be successful in everything. Such a man proves not only his material viability, but also shows that he is a male. However, this reason is the most insignificant in every sense. There is no love, but in the foreground is always money and egoism.
  4. A man in search. Like many years ago, these are public places - night clubs, beaches, discos, cinema, theater and transport. Now dating sites are gaining more and more popularity, on which, according to unconfirmed data, more than 100 million questionnaires of men and women of all ages have been posted.

Why married men give birth to mistresses

If you touch the story, you can conclude that polygamous (polygamy) is a purely masculine trait. Our ancestors, men in ancient times, shared their beds simultaneously with several women.It was in the order of things, as it was a vital necessity, because several women will give more guarantees that the next generation will be stronger in genetic terms. This can be observed in the animal world. That is, the main reason why men give birth to mistresses is the usual genetic memory in which the actions of our distant ancestors are laid.

If you touch today's moral principles, not everyone can explain to you why a man needs a lover, and sometimes a few.

The consequence of such a double, in some cases, triple life is an additional physical and mental stress. A third party is involved in the marital relationship. A man breaks into two halves. At times, it begins to seem to him that he will never return to his original state, since relations with both women are being tense more and more.


Family ties are broken. The father’s departure from the family is very much experienced by the children, as it seems to them that life itself is collapsing, and the future is vague and uncertain.

Loss of business, betrayal, loss of health (strokes and heart attacks) are possible final variants of adultery.

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