Why do we need water?

And without water and neither there, nor syudy ...No wonder, it's even sung in a famous song. Indeed, water has the maximum advantage and has truly healing properties. Water can rejuvenate, cleanse the body of toxins, energize and simply quench your thirst. Why do we need water for human organization? How does the fluid affect the functioning of the body?

The value of water for humans

A person can do without food for several days,without sleep the same can hold out for a while, but without liquid, alas, will not last long. That's right, because if the human body consists of 80% of water, then how can it get by without such a valuable substance ?! Loss of moisture is a terrible and unpleasant thing. During dehydration, there is a "bouquet" of diseases: headaches, muscle spasms, hallucinations and disruption of all vital organs of man. That's why you need to drink water every day, and preferably, in the amount of two and a half liters.

Water for beauty and harmony

Women have long noticed that it is wateris in the list of the first means for rejuvenation. Clean fluid perfectly "nourishes" the skin, eliminating its dryness and is a "lubricant" for the joints and muscles. By the way, the fact that water actively helps in the process of losing weight is not fiction at all. Correctly, when a person, doing physical exercises, sings a lot of water, then along with the sweating of his body successfully leave and hateful fats and carbohydrates.

Water successfully removes all toxins and harmful substances through the kidneys. And recently, it is noticed that it is water that reduces the risk of frequent heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases.

Ordinary drinking water, as if by magic, increases immunity and helps fight infectious diseases. The merit of reducing the temperature in ARI is the same for Her Majesty - Water.

Water increases mood

Without elementary H?Oh no chemical reactions - splits and compounds - are possible in the human body. Even the mood and general tone of the body depends on the amount of liquid drunk. Only one condition - the liquid must be clean and, of course, nonalcoholic.

Just do not replace all food with a solidliquid and, as they say, go only to water with a crust of bread. Water should be consumed when the body really needs it, otherwise the kidney function can not cope with a huge amount of fluid and as a result, there will be swelling and many other problems, both with appearance and with the internal state.

Take care of water from youth

Why should water be protected on our planet? Yes, because she is the main source of life and the builder of everything that surrounds us, on this earth. And it is very easy to save water - you just need to carefully and reasonably treat its consumption. Well, and try not to pollute those reservoirs and water sources that bring us so much pleasure - physiological and spiritual.

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