Why do you need a work book?

After graduation, a persongoes in search of the first job. He has a diploma, a civil passport and a medical book. After the first official registration, the employer is obliged to make a work record book for his employee. This document will serve a person all his life, preserving information about his entire work activity.

Employment historyWhy do we need labor?

  • Determination of seniority and experience. In the future, this helps in obtaining a pension. with a certain length of time, many people are solved before retirement age, who worked in unofficial positions. Thanks to this decision they manage to get a well-deserved pension.
  • Collect information about the formation of an employee.
  • Displaying labor reputation throughout thelife. The document contains information about awards, fines and other distinctive features. Also, with the help of a laborer, the employer can find out the reasons for previous layoffs.

Purchase of labor document

can be in a specialized company thatsell official and completed forms. Their employees can, on request, prepare a document with any necessary records for you. You can also get a completely new form to start working from scratch. Some people turn to such firms to simply edit some records in the document.

Usually they buy labor books or students withoutsignificant experience, or people who have worked for a long time informally. Not every employer is interested in officially organizing an employee to his company, especially if its scale is very small. In addition, there is a category of people who work for themselves and do not always formalize even individual entrepreneurship. However, when the retirement age comes, they start thinking about the fact that they need state aid.

If an employee received a comment during the serviceor was fired, all this information will be reflected in the labor. After such records, a person may have problems with further employment. It does not make sense to start a new document, because he will lose all the accumulated experience and officially certified experience. Therefore, it is more profitable to give the book to professionals who will rewrite it in the same form and delete negative records at the request of the customer.

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