Why do young people die?

According to statistics, the peak of mortality among young people inRussia fell in 2004-2005. After this, a gradual decline began. But it's still scary when people leave their lives at the peak of their strengths and capabilities. Consider the reasons why young people die most often.

Why people die young

Causes of death at a young age:

  • from injuries and poisonings, young people die in 70% of cases.
  • 10% falls on death from diseases of the circulatory system and oncology.
  • almost 6% die young from infectious diseases, incl. HIV.
  • in 7% of cases the cause lies in the organs of digestion and respiration.
  • in other cases only symptoms and signs are indicated without diagnosis.

The lion's share of injuries are accidents, about 6%- Suicide. Toughening of traffic rules has led to a reduction in the death rate from injuries by almost 2 times compared to 2005. But in terms of mortality among adolescents from suicide, in 2013 Russia took the first place.

Diseases of the circulatory system and oncology can bewin only by improving medical care. Apparently, in this area we have something done, because the mortality for these reasons was reduced by a third. Should play its role and promote healthy lifestyles, attracting to sports.

In recent years, the death rate frominfectious diseases and on 70% with superfluous - from diseases of bodies of digestion. The reason - in the spread of drug addiction, which leads to infection with AIDS, as well as destroys internal organs. In heroin addicts, as well as those who use chemical drugs, the liver and kidneys simply refuse, we can say, die.

What to do if people do not die young

First of all, it is necessary to promote a healthy way of life, refusal from smoking, alcohol and drugs, which negatively affect all internal organs.

Parents need to talk more with theirchildren, to be, if possible, aware of their problems. If children trust parents, they will behave more cautiously and wisely, and less likely they will end up in traumatic situations. There is no worse grief than when young people die.

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