Why does the right side of the leg hurt under the rib?

Any person engaged in a moving viewsports, periodically experiences painful sensations in right hypochondrium. From this, neither beginner athletes nor professionals are immune. Most often, runners are exposed to this. As a rule, when running it hurts the right side under the rib, but sometimes pain can arise at any point of the abdomen. Each person has this individually, the localization of pain does not change with subsequent attacks. Unpleasant sensation begins to manifest itself in the form of aching, mild pain, which is rapidly growing and turning into an acute, unbearable. When it reaches its peak, it becomes extremely difficult for a person to breathe and move. Even if you conduct a medical examination at this moment, it will not reveal the pathologies associated with running. Then why does the right side hurt while running?

why does the right side hurts when running

Wrong breathing

Insufficient saturation of the diaphragm with oxygen - this theory for a long time was the only explanation of why during the race the right side hurts, and also after it.

The bottom line is that in the running processThe diaphragm works more actively, its need for saturation with blood and oxygen increases. A greater amount is required for other muscles participating in motor activity. Because of frequent inconsistent breathing, the diaphragm's work is disrupted, as a result, the heart also does not receive enough blood, this provokes pain. After the forced stop, the diaphragm does not immediately return to its original state, the right side still hurts after a run for some time. After restoring a normal rhythm of breathing, painful sensations recede.

This theory causes a lot of controversy, sinceSome people are hurt not in the right side while running, but in the lower abdomen, where there is no diaphragm. In addition, she is very hardy - a continuous process of breathing well trains this muscle area.

Improperly planned meals

After eating, the body needsa lot of forces for its digestion. If the physical load takes place less than 2 hours after a hearty meal, the increased stomach volume will not allow you to actively move. That's why when running, and hurts right side.

when running hurts right side

Frequent use of alcohol

It's not about professional athletes, but about people who do not always adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

At the use of alcoholic drinks the liveris under tremendous strain. The result is an increase in size and pressure on the nerve endings. If the "athlete" sins with an addiction, the pain in the right hypochondrium becomes a regularity.

why during the race the right side hurts

Anatomical features of the body

From the point of view of anatomy, the abdominal cavity is coveredthin shell, consisting of two parts. Motor activity, coupled with increased activity of the diaphragm, causes friction of these parts against each other.

This version explains why it hurts in the right side when running in a certain place - the point of contact of the shell parts determines the localization of pain.

Insufficient muscle training

If you do not run a qualitywarm-up, the body will experience stress. In a calm state, blood circulation and oxygen saturation of all body systems are adjusted. Without preliminary preparation of the body for physical exertion, normal blood circulation and oxygen delivery are disrupted. This immediately responds to the spleen and liver - increased in size, they squeeze the nerve endings.

sore right side after running

Diseases of the spine

Deformation and any other pathological processescause pain when running in the right upper quadrant. The diaphragm is closely related to the muscles of the lumbar region. Their stress is reflected in her work, and she, in turn, responds with pain. Among doctors, this is the most popular version as to why the right side hurts when running. The systematic appearance of pain sensations is the reason for examination of the spine.

The presence of serious pathologies

Pain in the right hypochondrium during running provokes the following pathologies:

  • appendicitis;
  • presence of stones in the right kidney;
  • dyskinesia of the biliary tract, stones in the gallbladder;
  • Diseases of the digestive tract (colitis, gastritis, etc.).

If the pain in the right side periodically occurs and at rest, you need to undergo a medical examination.

Before exercise, a juice or sweet soda was drunk

There is a small volume in the human intestinefluid (its scientific name is intraperitoneal). It is between the parts of the shell covering the abdominal cavity, this does not allow them to rub against each other. Juices, carbonated and energy drinks significantly change the composition of the liquid, reducing its amount. If after their use there is pain, this serves as an answer to the question of why the running hurts the right side.

Before exercise, and also during it, it is recommended to drink only pure water without gas, it does not affect the liquid in the intestine.

why after running hurts right side

Why does the right side hurt after running? Ways to eliminate pain

The causes of pain in the right side after running are the same as during it. After a while after the stop, painful sensations should subside.

If this happens too slowly, you need to use one of the ways to speed up the process:

  • Go for walking, breathing in full. It is necessary to try to make so that blow of a foot on the ground or a floor from the left side was simultaneously with an exhalation. It is not necessary to do it for each touch of the running surface of the left foot, you can do an exhalation in 1-2 steps. The pain sensation is removed due to the fact that the main load begins to take the left side, allowing the muscles of the right side to relax.
  • To make inclined movements forward, thanks to them the tension of the abdominal area is removed.
  • Do the stretching exercise: Raise your left arm up and tilt to the right, then raise your right arm and bend to the left. Movements should be slow and smooth, at the maximum point of inclination it is recommended to stay for half a minute.
  • To rub the diaphragm.
  • Perform respiratory gymnastics: take a deep breath, then, having curled your lips into a tube, exhale for a long time. Repeat several times. Thus, a strained diaphragm is massed from the inside.
  • Bend forward, touching the palms of your toes.
  • To massage the painful area with the three fingers of the right hand, you can just press it until the pain decreases.
  • To draw in the belly as much as possible, making strong breaths and exhalations through the nose.

why does it hurt in the right side when running

How to reduce the likelihood of pain when running

Running is one of the best ways to improve the body as a whole, with its help it is easy to lose weight and improve your health.

To the process does not deliver discomfort and pain, it must be properly prepared, and also observe a number of rules during the run:

  • With a firm resolve to tackle a run, you need to reconsider your way of life. It is not recommended to overstrain yourself greatly, rest should be full.
  • Go for a run in the hours of maximum relaxation. Psychological tension, fatigue, a desire to sleep, etc., after running will be even stronger.
  • If the morning run, you need to give the bodytime to wake up (about half an hour). If you start running immediately after awakening, the body will experience stress, the metabolism will be broken. If the run is evening, the muscles should rest after a hard day for a couple of hours, this will help to avoid overwork.
  • You need to organize the correct diet. Any snack before the start of running increases the likelihood of pain in the right side almost to 100%.
  • It is important to monitor the quality of food consumed. Even if the timeframe is observed, pain will arise due to harmful eating, fatty dishes simply will not have time to digest at the set time.
  • If diseases of internal organs and systemsare excluded, and the pain in the right side is regular, it is recommended to wear an elastic waistband before jogging. When there is pain, it should be tightened as much as possible.
  • Do not run until exhaustion, exhaustion of the body will not bring the desired result.
  • At the beginning of the process, you must immediately installoptimum running pace. It is a mistake to believe that the sooner the better, the physical preparation of each individual. A poorly prepared person from too fast a rate will begin to suffocate already in the first minutes.
  • It is important to learn how to breathe properly. Athletes engaged in swimming are a good example. They can breathe only at the moment when the person is above the surface of the water, their breathing is synchronized with the movements of the body. Synchronization of inhalations and exhalations with the impacts of the feet on the running surface will uniformly enrich the oxygen to all organs and muscles, which will significantly reduce the likelihood of pain in the right hypochondrium.
  • Training should be regular. The better the stamina and physical form, the less worried pain in the right side.
  • To curvature of the spine did not prevent a full training, you must always walk with a straight back and head held high.
  • Warm-up is a mandatory item before running, the better the muscles prepare for further exercise, the lower the risk of injury and pain.
  • The load should be strictly dosed and increase smoothly. Reassessment of their own sports opportunities will result in a stabbing pain in the right hypochondrium.

When running, the right side is hurt under the edge

Running is one of the best sports that allowimprove health and fitness. To sharp pain in the right side does not become an obstacle to regular training, it is important to revise your lifestyle, undergo a medical examination to exclude the presence of possible pathologies, and also observe certain rules in the running process.

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