Why dream of green?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
March 16, 2015
Why dream of green?

The various colors in dreams very vividly symbolize one or another state of the dreamer, especially if in a dream you experienced vivid emotions from a certain color, you remember it well. Find out what dreams of green. In most cases, seeing green in a dream is an extremely good sign. Green is the color of renewal, rise, dawn, rapid growth and development. But in some cases it also means greed and jealousy.

What dreams of green plants

To dream greens, fresh bright green plants means a romantic passion, joy, elation. Now in your life is a bright and fertile period. You will meet a person who will have a strong and beneficial effect on you, perhaps you will meet a new love.

But to see green onions in a dream - to frustration and trouble. Another such dream may be a signal of your body that you lack vitamins and trace elements. Such dreams often dream in the spring. Eating a green, immature apple can mean health problems at work.

Other green values

To see a green dress in a dream promises a quick improvement in all your affairs, a surge of strength, and health will improve, especially if this dress is worn on you.

To see a green dragon foreshadows a very strong and determined person. If in a dream the dragon was friendly, then you will have a defender, a strong patron. If you have been attacked by a dragon, then expect discontent from the authorities or the authorities.

In a dream you should pay attention to shades of green. Yellowish ebb heralds deceit and hypocrisy, pure shades of emerald promise development and inspiration, bluish ebb - stability and healing.

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