Why dream of manure?

February 26, 2015
Why dream of manure?

There are various interpretations of sleep in which manure is seen. For example, if manure dreamed of poor people - they are waiting for wealth. All the rest of this dream promises grief and trouble.

Consider, why dream of manure women and men.

Interpretation of sleep

If a woman saw a dung in a dream, it means that changes are waiting for her. In this case, be sure to remember the details of sleep, since different actions can be interpreted in different ways.

  • A woman who has entered the dung cake is waiting for happy love;
  • if she in a dream throws it over with a shovel, she will succeed in her professional activity. The manual will appreciate its work;
  • throwing dung at someone in a dream, a woman will triumph over her ill-wishers. But, if she saw that the dung flies into her, this means that her colleagues weave gossip around her and spread rumors. This dream is considered a warning. Therefore, you need to know that the frivolous behavior of a woman can be a serious obstacle for her career growth and can ruin her reputation;
  • if a woman in a dream washes her hands, washing away the dung from them, she should be on the alert. This dream suggests that it can be deceived.

If a manure dreams of a married woman, her relatives will give her a pleasant surprise. She dreamed that she had entered the dung - her husband would make her a valuable gift, or she would raise a woman in the service. Throwing manure in a dream, a woman will acquire useful and necessary contacts. A married woman should not be frank with her friends if in a dream she saw that someone was throwing dung at her.

Men also think about how to interpret a dream.

  • If a young man saw manure in a dream, it may mean that financial prosperity awaits him soon;
  • if in a dream a young man stepped on a dunking heap, he would receive a big win or inheritance. But a married man such a dream promises trouble at work and in the family;
  • a young man is expected to succeed in affairs, if he dreamed that he was throwing manure with a shovel. But if they throw dung at him, financial difficulties are not far off.

For a married man, throwing dung in a dream may mean that all his difficulties in the labor and family arena will be completed successfully.

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