Why did Dubrovsky become a robber?

The time of action of the novel by A.S. Pushkin "Dubrovsky" refers to the beginning of the XIX century. In order to understand why Dubrovsky became a robber, you need to get better acquainted with some of the characters in the novel.

Dubrovsky and Troyekurov

Two noblemen, two neighbors and two friends - such were Andrei Gavrilovich Dubrovsky and Kirila Petrovich Troekurov. The latter, however, had a bad and despotic character, which caused him, besides Andrei Gavrilovich, had no friends at all. Someone was just afraid of him, someone despised him. As for Troekurov's relations with Dubrovsky Sr., these people highly appreciated and respected each other. The only difference between them was that Troyekurov was a fairly rich man (he resigned as a general general), and Dubrovsky had only one village left - the family estate, which had long been in need of various improvements. Friendship Troyekurov often offered help to Andrei Gavrilovich, but he was a proud and independent man and always refused help.And then the moment came, which largely predetermined the fate of the son of Dubrovsky, Vladimir. The friends quarreled so seriously that an implacable enmity erupted between them.


Old friends were united by one passion - hunting. They constantly hunted together and could not imagine this activity without each other. However, if Dubrovsky had only two hounds, then Troyekurov contained a whole kennel, where there were many magnificent dogs. Once friends went to watch the kennel Troyekurov, accompanied by his people. Dubrovsky was amazed at how Troekurov people cared for dogs, how clean and caring animals lived. Andrei Gavrilovich expressed the idea that Troyekurov’s people would live as well as his dogs. To this the clerk Troyekurov replied that his dogs live better than other nobles. All those present, except Andrei Gavrilovich, laughed at this joke. Proud Dubrovsky, having decided that this stone was thrown into his garden, left and decided to no longer communicate with Troyekurov. When he invited Dubrovsky to return, Andrei Gavrilovich said that first let Troyekurov send him an impudent breeder, so that Dubrovsky would punish him justly and decide what to do with him further.Of course, this greatly hurt Troyekurov, since he considered himself the undivided ruler of his subjects, and it was only in his power to pardon and punish his people.


Troyekurov decided to declare an uncompromising war on Dubrovsky and set out to take away the family estate of Andrei Gavrilovich - Kistenevka. Thanks to the influence and connections Troyekurov achieves his own. Upon learning that his estate had been taken away, Dubrovsky Sr. lost his health and strength. It is here that we become acquainted with the main character of the novel, the son of the landowner Vladimir Andreevich Dubrovsky. The nanny who was taking care of the gentleman wrote a letter to the young Dubrovsky that Andrei Gavrilovich was very weak and that Vladimir would immediately come to the estate. Vladimir at that time served in the army in St. Petersburg after graduating from the Cadet Corps. He led a riotous life, he smoked it, because his father had spoiled him and often sent out large sums, denying himself the last. However, upon learning of his father’s illness, Vladimir immediately gathers and returns to his native estate. There he finds his father almost at death. After one of the meetings with Troyekurov Dubrovsky Sr. does not stand up and dies from a blow.Vladimir hated Troekurov and since then began to consider him his sworn enemy.

To free life

Why Dubrovsky became a robber in the end? Troyekurov achieved that they gave him Kistenevka, what could Dubrovsky Jr. have to do? Do not go into the service of the hated enemy and do not ask him for mercy to return the estate, which the latter probably waited. Therefore, Dubrovsky decides to burn his estate, so that nothing from such an expensive estate falls into the paws of Troekurov, and go into the forest with his faithful people. Vladimir became merciless, but, at the same time, a noble robber and robbed the estates of exceptionally rich nobles. It is clear why Dubrovsky became a robber. Not finding support from the law, what else could he do? But what is interesting - he considered revenge above his dignity, so he did not touch the possession of Troyekurov.

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