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Why is love more important?

(from Sergey Bodrov's letter to his wife Svetlana)

“I don’t know how people die. We see it, but we do not die. And when we die, someone else sees it. There are things that you don’t need to know, that you don’t need to think about, no one knows anything about them. You know, for the first time in my life I want to have my own house.

Take care of it, do something for it. I always think about how we will live. You and I are very dear and very similar people. On the one hand, it is difficult, but in the most important, you and I feel the same way and understand each other in the most important. I really don’t know how people break up, but they don’t really live several lives. Death is unequivocal, but love is not. And its inevitability lies in the very model of life.

Actually, the inevitability of death - too. Today I thought something happened to you: an accident or something else. And I know that you can not think about it. But it was almost as scary as the thought that you might not like me.Honestly, even worse. And I just began to pray to God and even agreed on what I was most afraid of yesterday. I thought that you would not love me better.

I sometimes have such a crazy feeling that you and I are two different characters of the same person. We are like two twin brothers separated at the maternity hospital and having met many years later. Something difficult, but the blood is dear.

You are my absolute destiny. And I really believe in you.

Believe me too. And yet love is more important. No matter whether life itself is more important than death. Why?

First, it is the only thing that can compete with it in the sense of finality. EIf a man had to die, the one who loved him would not cease to love. It is obvious. Secondly, the reverse, apparently, can not be. I do not know how love ends. If love ends, apparently it is not her. "

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