Why is the car going?

March 7, 2015
Why is the car going?

The main components of a car are the engine, that is, the engine, gearbox, axle and wheels. The engine connects to the clutch box, which consists of a basket and a clutch disc. The wheels of the car are driven by an internal combustion engine. The article describes in detail the process why the car goes.

Why is the car going?

Coupling is necessary in order to be able to stop the rotation of the shafts of the box and enable or switch the speed.

A flywheel is mounted on the engine from the side of the box, and a clutch disc leans against it, which, in turn, is mounted on the gearbox input shaft.

There are splines on the input shaft and on the disc too, that is, if the clutch disc rotates, the input shaft also moves. The clutch basket is screwed to the flywheel, and between it and the flywheel is a clutch disc, the role of the basket is to strongly press the clutch disc to the flywheel. There is also a release bearing, its role is to move the clutch disc away from the flywheel.

So, the engine is running, the flywheel, the clutch plate and the input shaft of the box are turning. In addition, they are beginning to perform their functions as a cooling system, fuel system and lubrication system. Why don't the wheels move? The reason lies precisely in the clutch and gearbox.

How to start the movement

When the clutch pedal is pressed, the disc moves away from the flywheel, the box stops. After that, you must turn on the first speed and gradually release the clutch pedal. At this point, the gear, which corresponds to the first speed, is connected to the drive shaft, but since the clutch is off, torque is not transmitted to the gearbox.

It is important to learn to gently release the clutch pedal. At the same time the disk is pressed down, the box starts rotation and drives the driveshaft. The driveshaft, in turn, drives the bridge, which is connected to the wheels. The latter begin to rotate, and the car goes.

As a result, the chain of transmission of torque looks as follows: on the piston, then the crankshaft, clutch, gearbox, propeller shaft, rear axle transmission (for rear-wheel drive models), the axle shaft and at the end the axle, and with it the wheels.

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