Why is the water holy?

March 6, 2015
Why is the water holy?

Holy water is often used in various worship services and in temples. Some parishioners use it in everyday life for the consecration of objects and rooms, people and domestic animals, collecting it on certain days (for example, for baptism) for future use. Over the next year, such water, as a rule, is not subjected to turbidity and mold. How this happens and why holy water does not deteriorate, we will tell in this article.

Unusual properties

Such characteristics of water acquires after the ritual of consecration. Some natural sources of water are also holy. As a rule, believers make pilgrimages to them. Scientists who conducted studies of such a liquid found that it has electromagnetic and bioenergy indicators that differ from ordinary water.

Silver content

Some explain the "holiness" of such water with a high content of silver in it. They say that silver disinfects and kills pathogenic microbes. From this and water does not spoil for a whole year.However, this version does not hold water, as in some churches the water is sanctified for baptism without the help of silver.

Molecular structure

The answer to this question, perhaps, lies in the fact that the molecular structure of holy water also differs from the usual one. For example, after freezing, it forms crystals of perfect forms. A simple water from the tap - vague and uneven.


Thus, one thing is clear: holy water becomes such as a result of the ritual of sanctification, which involves, in scientific terms, structuring and disinfecting it.

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