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Why not me

«It’s like shopping in a supermarket.If you do not know what you want or what you need to buy, advertising can easily affect you, and you will most likely buy what you don’t need. You can come home without buying a single important item. But if you know in advance what you want, you will go straight to the appropriate section and buy it.

The same thing happens in relationships: if you walk through life without thinking about the qualities you need in a person, can physical or sexual attractiveness affect you, and only later, when attractiveness has faded, do you find that the chosen partner has none of qualities that matter to you.

if you thought about the qualities that you would like in a partner, you are more likely to recognize such a person when you meet him.When you reach the end of your life, the only thing that will have any meaning is the love that you gave and received.The only valuable thing you leave in this world is love. Nothing else, "- Adam Jackson, businessman, writer.

“Ask yourself:what i wantIn 20 years - you want to wear a bikini, in 70 years - to live to 100. Next,form an emotional connection with your goal. Then, when you make a choice between a breakfast roll or egg whites for breakfast, you go to your goal. I do just that.

Today I want you to ask yourself "Why not me?Why aren't you doing something to achieve what you like? Why not have a healthy beautiful body? Why aren't you in a "healthy" relationship? Why do not you do what you have long dreamed of. We are so quick in judging about other people, what they deserve and so on.

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