Why does a cat sneeze? We learn!

Why Now we analyze the reasons for this phenomenon. I would like to note that if the pet sneezed once, then you should not worry. Such a phenomenon is quite natural. But if the cat often sneezes, then the owner should think about it. After all, it can be both flu and allergies.

The cat sneezes: the causes of this phenomenon

An animal can sneeze for natural reasons, for example, a speck of dust gets into its nasal passages.

why the cat sneezes

But there are reasons for which the owners really need to think. Let's list them.

A cat may sneeze due to:

  • polyps inside the nose;
  • colds;
  • the presence of allergies;
  • nasal cancer;
  • problems with gums or teeth;
  • sinus infections.

Why does a cat sneeze? If this happens all the time, it indicates the presence of an infection that is in the upper respiratory tract. These can be herpes virus, parainfluenza virus or adenovirus.

The first named infection is treated for a very long time, complicated by exacerbations.

In addition, the cat, like any creature, confirmed allergic irritants.

These include substances such as:

  • tobacco smoke;
  • pollen;
  • insect spray;
  • perfume;
  • mold;
  • cleaning (household) products.

Upon contact with the allergen, the purr immediately begins to sneeze. Particular attention should be paid to cats with a flat nose, for example, Persian. Rocks with short nasal passages are primarily susceptible to irritants.

More about the reasons

If we talk about dental problems, the most common reason why a cat sneezes is tooth abscess.

There is a strong sneezing with this diagnosis, if it is complicated by infection, which causes irritation of the nasal cavity of the animal.

The most dangerous cause of sneezing is cancer of the nasal cavity. The main symptom is a strong, constant sneezing with blood. If you detect such a disease, do not despair, it is treated using chemotherapy.

the cat sneezes causes

Very often not adult animals, but kittens start to sneeze. This is because babies are more susceptible to various kinds of infections, especially if they have not yet been vaccinated.

If the cause of sneezing is polyps, then this problem can be solved only by surgery.

How to diagnose?

We have already figured out why the cat sneezes, listed the reasons for this phenomenon. How to diagnose a disease before going to the doctor? The first thing to do is watch the animals. If it rarely sneezes, mucus comes out, breathing is difficult, eyes are swollen, then this is presumably an allergic reaction.

If, in addition to these symptoms, the cat has additional symptoms (swollen glands, cough, mucus and fever), then it is most likely an infectious disease. And it obviously touched the upper respiratory tract.

If the animal, in addition to sneezing, has an unpleasant smell from the mouth, then this means that the reason is dental. Having noticed a similar symptom, the veterinarian immediately carries out a thorough examination of the gums and the teeth of the cat.

cat sneezes than treat

Note that in diagnosing a disease, consistency of secretions decides a lot.

If a kitten sneezes and at the same time clear mucus from the nasal cavity is released, this means that he is allergic. With thick green or gray discharge, it can be assumed that the animal has an infectious or fungal disease.


We found out why a cat sneezes.How to treat this or that disease? For the treatment to be effective, you need to establish the true cause of the symptoms of the disease. If you blame the impact of any allergen, then you need to correctly identify it, and then exclude from the environment of the nursery.

Antibiotics prescribed by a veterinarian can help the animal in the fight against a viral infection.

If a little kitten sneezes because of a fungal disease, the treatment will be aimed at eliminating these most pathogenic fungi, using special medications. As a rule, they are applied in the form of ointments, as well as creams.

Cancers and polyps are the most serious causes of cat sneezing. With these problems it is worth contacting a veterinary clinic. Only in these conditions can you cope with a similar ailment.

Viral infections and treatment

If you wondered why the cat sneezes and found out that the cause is a viral disease, then further information will be useful to you. In case of such diseases, antibiotics are prescribed, such as:

  • The drug "Fosprenil" or medicine "Maxidine". Their actions are aimed at eliminating the symptoms of the inflammatory process, which is caused by infection.
  • Capsules "Baksin" or the drug "Gamavit." They are tonic drugs.Used to restore after an exacerbation of the disease.

the cat often sneezes

In addition, applied herbal medicine. For example, a natural drug is called "Protection against infections." It is prescribed to sick animals, starting with a daily dosage - 1 tablet three times a day for the first two days. This drug can be used longer, until the complete disappearance of the symptoms of the disease.


Now you know why the cat sneezes. As you can see, the reasons are different. There are serious and not so. Be alert to the health of animals, then you will be able in the early stages to recognize this or that disease.

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