Why the girl does not give?

You’re already meeting for a long time, you’ve been seeking her for a long time, you have been courting her, your relationship is working fine, and as soon as it comes to sex, she doesn’t give it. If the situation is familiar to you, and no solution has yet been found, we recommend reading the article here "What to do if a girl does not give?".

Why a girl does not give, only she can say for sure, but we still will consider the most common taboos about sex.

  1. The girl does not want to give because of their beliefs

    Do not be surprised, today there are those girls whose upbringing or beliefs do not allow you to have an intimate relationship before marriage. There is a more modern version - the girl decided to lose her innocence, only being 100% sure that you have the most serious intentions for her. In this case, you can say, very lucky. You will know for sure that the girl before you did not have anyone and that she will be yours alone. If you are delighted with the prospect of being single and not being married, it is better not to spoil the life of a girl. Appreciate her purity - now it is such a rarity, let her meet a person who appreciates her.

  2. The girl just doesn't like you

    She may also meet with you, since she has nothing more to do. When there is no spark, there is no good sex.

  3. Girl worried about her appearance

    On the contrary, the girl likes you very much, but she is not sure of herself. Afraid that seeing her naked, you will be disappointed and throw her. This is a purely psychological problem that must be solved together.

    In this case, you just need to do her compliments more often, try to make the girl feel like a queen and she doesn’t have any doubt that you like her.

  4. The girl has critical days

    Such a reason should not even be discussed, wait, she will tell you when you can.

  5. The girl is worried about the appearance of his underwear, clothes

    Of course, for a man, such a trifle as color and style of underwear does not matter, but everything must be perfect for a woman. If she has not put on a beautiful erotic underwear for a date - it means that she is not ready to have an intimate relationship with you in her thoughts. Wait in the wings.

  6. The girl does not like your sex habits

    The girl does not give in the ass, she does not like rough sex, she does not like oral sex - the causes of sexual incompatibility may be different.If you have already entered into an intimate relationship with her, and the next time you didn’t continue - you need to frankly discuss what you like and what she likes. Find a compromise and respect each other's feelings.

  7. The girl is feeling unwell

    Not as in a joke, when always a headache serves as an excuse, but indeed each of us can have bad health. In this case, offer your help, have a massage, hot tea, show attention and understanding and the next time your beloved will reward you for your care.

  8. The girl is filling her worth

    Most likely, if a girl takes you by the nose for a long time, hints at sex, but at the very moment finds reasons to refuse - she is filling her price. You are a hunter, she plays with you. Play and you with her. Every serious hunter will always have a couple of tricks on how to catch faster prey. Heating up interest and passion, do not overdo it - you can and burn from the excitement, and not waiting for the culmination.

  9. She fears being used by you.

    Most likely, evil tongues tried and they gave you a not very flattering characteristic. The girl wants, but fears that you use it and quit.Your salvation is to gain authority in her eyes.

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