Wild Wadi (water park). Water Park in Dubai Wild Wadi: photo, reviews

United Arab Emirates - verypopular tourist destination. It attracts travelers of different countries with snow-white beaches, dry and hot climate, futuristic architecture of their cities, as well as shopping. But what about rest with children? Shopping is tiring for small tourists, and beaches are bored with their monotony. Considering all this, the UAE authorities are building water parks in the resorts. Yes, even what! To match architectural masterpieces like the Burj Al Arab hotel or the Palm Islands. The maximum adrenaline dose is assured to you, and besides complete safety is observed. Today we will talk about Wild Wadi. This water park is not the largest in the country, but the most breathtaking. Little guests, and adults (those who are young at heart), will get a lot of impressions here.
Wild wadi water park

Where is and when works

Wadi - the so-called river, filled with water,Only when it rains. And in the rest of the time this is a parched canyon. "Wild River" is literally called Wild Wadi Water Park, Dubai (UAE). This island of water pleasures is located in the Jumeirah area, on Jumeirah Road. In numerous photo aqua parks you can see a beautiful high-rise building resembling a sail. This is Jumeirah Beach Hotel. By the way, guests of this hotel, as well as all guests of the Jumeirah Group (Burj Al Arab, Madinat, Emirates Towers), the entrance to the water park is free. Guests staying at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel can drive to the Wild Wadi gates at the buggy. The rest can use the services of a taxi. It will cost about 5-7 Є. Every taxi driver in Dubai knows where the Wild Wadi is located (water park). Alternatively, you can take bus number 8. Its route starts at the Golden Sook (Golden Bazaar) in Deira and follows along the banks of Jumeirah. The water park works without days off, but opening and closing hours vary depending on the season. In summer, guests can enjoy attractions and swimming pools from 10.00 to 20.00, and in winter - from 11.00 to 18.00.Wild wadi waterpark pictures

Overall Impression

Wild Wadi Water Park, photo of which fascinatesits dynamics, is located on an area of ​​only five hectares. This is by no means the record among such establishments in the UAE. But he bribes with his more modern equipment, thought-out theme of rides and guaranteed their safety. We can say that this water park is the most expensive project in the Emirates. And the most terrible. Storm of emotions, an explosion of adrenaline and a sea of ​​positive will be received here without exception. Attractions are united by a common theme - the adventures of Sinbad the Sailor. But each of them has his own legend. The magic "Wild river-wadi" will carry you and its stormy waves past the rocks and oases. Guests of the park are waiting for a joyful yelp, rafting, diving in the azure waters of swimming pools and even surfing on steep ocean waves.Water Park in Dubai Wild wadi

Wild Wadi (water park): prices

As in all advanced cultural institutionsrecreation, in "Wild Wadi" applies a flexible pricing policy. The usual entrance costs for adults 130 dirhams, and for children (4-12 years) - 110 AED. In translation to the European currency, this equals approximately 27.6 and 23.4 Є, respectively. But if you come to the water park "at sunset", then pay 100 dirhams for an adult and 85 for a child. This corresponds to 21 and 18 Є. The notion of "at sunset" varies depending on the season. In winter - it's three hours before closing, that is, from 15 to 18.00. If you suddenly forgot at home bathing suits, beach shoes or a sunblock, these things can be purchased at the "medieval market" in the park. A rental of towels will cost you ten dirhams (2.1 euros). The same is the use of a locker for storing especially valuable things. When buying a ticket, you wear a bracelet on your wrist, which contains a waterproof electronic card. You can put any amount on it and then pay it for food, souvenirs and some attractions. Unused money is returned to you when you leave. When you re-visit the water park, a discount is required.Wild wadi water park oae


Throughout the territory of the water park there is athe artificial river Juha's Journey 360 m long, which makes unexpected turns, forms lagoons and even creates a waterfall eighteen meters high. There are twenty-eight slides of different length - from 12 to 130 meters, and 23 swimming pools, including an ocean wave. The total length of the entire waterway, tangled, like a labyrinth, is almost two kilometers. The water temperature is maintained at +28 ° C in winter and in summer. The main thing that draws visitors to the water park in Dubai Wild Wadi, is the attraction Jumeirah Sceirah. It is the highest in the Old World water slide - 33 meters! And it abounds with all sorts of turns, and the dam with the passenger at the end of the road reaches a speed of 80 km / h. Those who feel this way too much can ride the Master Blaster - eight slides connected with one pipe, from which they move out on one- and two-lap circles.Wild wadi water park reviews

Vacation with children

It should immediately be noted that someattractions small visitors are not allowed. They are screened out for growth, checking the child with a scale on the wall: if above 110 centimeters, passes, if lower - no. But Wild Wadi (water park) cares about the leisure of the youngest of its guests. Especially for them, the shallow lagoon Juha's Dhow with its ship lying on a shallow shore is built in. A lot of fountains, slides and waterfalls will not frighten the little creature, but will enthrall it, next to a children's playground with fun swings-carousels If your little child from a brave ten, welcome to Family Ride - rafting on a large inflatable raft.There is still a slow river Lazy River, lazily flowing through the park.

Wild Wadi (water park): reviews

Most of all visitors liked what was notyou need to climb, puffing, on long stairs upward, then to a minute roll down on the hill. You will be delivered to the top of the attraction by a special device - "waterfall, the current is on the contrary." Everything looks like this: you sit in the raft and rescuers push him to the pipe. Special nozzles push water under the pressure upwards, moving you.

Also guests remember the pools with artificialsurf. The waves sometimes reach 2.5 meters. That's where you can safely go surfing, because for vacationers are constantly watching about fifty rescuers. The visitors also happily noted the fact that, in addition to the market with snacks Shahbandar "s Quay, snack bar Sinbad" s Galley and restaurant Julshan "s Kitchen, in the water park there are many places for a picnic so that you can stock up on provisions and go there for a whole day .

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