Windows in Krasnogorsk

We received the keys to the apartment in the new building, but the windows from the developer are just awful, they definitely need to be replaced. Tell me, where in Krasnogorsk, you can order high-quality windows at a normal price?
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Answered on July 3, 12:16
And which developer did you buy an apartment from? And that is one that builds a lot in the suburbs, we also invested. Vdug talking about the same thing.
Answered on July 3 14:52
Marika, you can order fairly good plastic windows in Krasnogorsk from this company. There are discounts right now, so you can buy, as it seems to me, quite profitable. But again, the price depends on which configuration of windows you choose. At the very least, issue a call to the measurer and find out the final price.
Answered on July 3 14:56
And where will you be old and what are their sizes? I would buy to the country if they fit and the price will be attractive. Yes, and it would be beneficial for you, otherwise you would just be thrown into a landfill.
Answered on September 24, 16:11
If you need to change the windows, then I can recommend to contact the company "Vinchelli", whose experts have glazed many state objects, public residential buildings, private rooms with wooden windows with double-glazed windows, made using Italian technology.

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