With whom does Putin live? Who is his ex-wife Ludmila now with?

In June 2013, Vladimir Putin and his wifeLyudmila, after passing three decades hand in hand, made an official statement about her divorce. Neither years lived together, nor children, although grown up, were not saved from the break. Everything went civilized, without scandalous lawsuits. The former spouses decided all the issues in a relaxed atmosphere. Since then, many articles have appeared on the Internet, in which various motives for divorce are described. With whom does Putin live? To this question, and not only, let's try to answer in the article.

With whom Putin lives

30 years together

Their relationship began in the summer of 1983,when KGB officer Vladimir Putin and stewardess Lyudmila Shkrebneva decided to tie their destinies. In the marriage two daughters were born, the difference between them at the age of only 1 year. The family of Putin for many years lived in Germany, then moved to St. Petersburg. The fault of permanent relocations was the professional activity of the father of the family. Only in 1996 they became full residents of the capital of Russia, because Vladimir was offered a post in the presidential administration. Such a chance could not be missed. So began the governmental activities of the future president of Russia. Lyudmila all these years was next to her husband, in every way helped and supported. True, she tried to appear as little as possible in society, preferring solitude. In 2012, Putin had a grandson. Details of the relationship of the family were never brought to the public, so their divorce caused an agiotage in the press and a lot of gossip over who is now living with Putin. Information about his daughters is as meager as he is about his relationship with his wife. Presidential daughters have never appeared in society with their father and mother. They always tried to stay in the shade. There is information that both graduated from St. Petersburg State University, but faculties and specialties are unknown. Both daughters are married.

with whom lives wife Putin

Past life of the ex-first lady

A simple girl from the Bryansk region as a childdreamed of linking her fate with theatrical art, but life decreed otherwise. After graduation, Lyudmila mastered the profession of a postman, a turner. She could not decide for a long time who she wanted to become. After flying for several years as a flight attendant, Lyudmila finally decided that she would go to study as a philologist-novelist. However, moving with her husband to Germany for as long as 4 years contributed to the teaching activities in the German language courses. After returning to Russia, she for a long time was engaged in the preparation of teachers of a foreign language at the Leningrad State University. In addition, Lyudmila became a successful director of an elite brand store, showing herself as a business lady.

Public activity of Lyudmila Putin

In 2003, Lyudmila Putin - the head ofcultural center of the Russian Federation in Tbilisi. Ex-first lady never liked publicity, but she understood that it was important for her husband's career, and yet she was published. Starting from 2008, she began to spend less time in society, tried to pay more attention to faith, visiting monasteries and communicating with the abbots. This turn took place in the life of Lyudmila, when she suffered a very serious illness. Acquaintance with the mother-abbess, growing into a strong friendship, gave strength to overcome the ailment. Later Lyudmila rendered financial assistance to the monastery for repair works, restoration of icons. In the press, opinions were expressed that the spouses had divorced much earlier than 2013, although all of them were officially disproved. With whom does Putin's wife live today? This issue is of concern to the media throughout the year. The most common is the statement that a woman lives alone and, according to some information, is in one of the Pskov monasteries, but no one owns the exact information. Sometimes you can find information that Lyudmila Putin is in a psychiatric clinic, and again, without confirmation. The official place of residence of Lyudmila was not found out by journalists.

with whom lives Vladimir Putin

With whom now lives the president of Russia?

The media is very concerned about who Vladimir Putin is living with.This information, like any that relates to personal life, is almost impossible to learn, since the president never devotes anybody to it. This gives rise to the most fabulous theories. Here's one of them. The 30-year-old marriage of the presidential couple broke up because of the passionate love of Putin and Alina Kabaeva, who, according to media reports, even gave birth to his son. Another covers the romance with the former model Anna Chapman, who, besides everything, was engaged in espionage. None of the versions of the journalists found their confirmation. The question with whom Putin now lives, and remained open.With whom does President Putin live?

The media receive answers to questions

The first assistant to Vladimir Vladimirovich, Dmitry Peskov, spoke at a press conference. There, he formally answered the question with whom Putin lives.

According to him, the president of Russia after the divorce andThe division of property lives by itself, taking care of animals from the domestic zoo. In particular, we are talking about ponies, dogs and a goat. Such an answer was a little discouraging to journalists. After all, they expected that at least some rumors about the future personal life of the Russian president would be confirmed or refuted.

The very same Vladimir Putin about his repeatedthe marriage responded that he would deal with this issue only after he had found a worthy couple for his ex-wife, which puzzled the journalists even more. Instead of answering the question of who President Putin is living with now, they received several new riddles concerning a potential first lady and a new couple for ex-wife Vladimir Vladimirovich.Who is Putin living with now?

Through the eyes of Russians: Putin's only elect - Russia

Divorce with Lyudmila for Vladimir Putin can not becall it easy. After all, after all, 30 years is a considerable time, but this did not affect its efficiency for the benefit of Russia. It seems that the president has gone to work with his head to survive the family crisis more quickly. His active work to improve the country's economy, the signing of new contracts with China on gas supplies, the annexation of Crimea as an autonomous unit prove that the country's problems are as important to him as it was before. It is not so important for the Russian people who Putin is living with, and what he does for the people and the country as a whole. Therefore, a single conclusion, which begs for this issue: his chosen one, and forever - Russia-Mother. That's who President Putin lives with.

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