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woman like a woman

You never know what gift has prepared your life in a new day., and what a surprise is waiting for you today, especially if you are planning to visit a hairdressing salon and if this salon is in Italy. But this topic is worthy of a separate publication.

This time, outside the door of the salon, I was awaited by a stack of Italian fashion magazines, which I began to look at with pleasure, mentally trying on new trends. And everything was fine until the moment of strong internal protest, but not to the style or style of trendy things, but to the expressions on the faces of the models ... All of them were with their mouths open and exactly whatthe mouth is simply parted without a smile or any other emotional expression (as it seemed to me), it was rejected very strongly.

“Stupid, very stupid and stupid!” - The verdict pounded in my head.

“Shut the mouth of a fool, I have already said everything,” the phrase came out in my head from the monologue of Arkady Raikin, so popular in my childhood. And then the demanding hard voice of the school teacher arose: “Close your mouths on the lock!”

Such a hello from Soviet childhood, which at one time created the conviction that an open mouth is a sign of stupidity,not a very big mind and mouth should be shut if you are not going to smile or talk.

Hence the prohibition of oneself to manifest naturally, i.e. you should definitely have a “smart” expression and no open mouths - either a smile or tight lips. Grimaces, masks ... how many of them are different, dressed in virtue of any belief.

I remember, we were taught to be strong, all: both girls and boys, and competition, competition ... I know how to go through the five-year plan in three years, "stop the horse at a run", how to support yourself and your daughter, how to strive how to achieve, how to rely only on yourself ... plus a lot of survival instincts received from ancestors who survived the revolution, war, repression, famine ..And as a result - rigidity in character, in judgments, irreconcilability ... and a ban on softness, tenderness, meekness and other manifestations of "weakness."

But only recently I realized thatdon't know how to be a woman- not by gender or wearing women's clothing, but by that filled state of tenderness, lightness, acceptance, softness that would seem to be natural from birth.So I think - is it just me, or is it all our generation peculiar?

And having lived for almost half a century, I am only now discovering my inner woman in myself and knowing myself a new one. Already, the photos of models with half-open mouth look different, somehow unsaid, mysterious, sensual ... And I understand that new discoveries are still ahead ...

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