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Writing correctly is natural for everyone

It may seem strange, especially if you remember the painful learning of grammar rules in school. But if you just think about it ...Speech is our natural ability, just like breathing, walking, the ability to digest food.Psychologists have come to the conclusion that written speech is the same natural phenomenon.Why do people learn so long to learn to write correctly?

The fact is that,learning to spell, we use mental structures that are not intended for this.This is similar to how a certain object can be picked up and transferred from one place to another. But the same actions will become more difficult if you try to use not a hand, but a leg. Special training will be needed to arrive at the same result.

It is completely wrong to consider literacy as the result of memorizing grammar rules.The rules simply help to reveal the intuitive spelling that is inside each.This can be compared to how a child learns to walk. At first we were taught this, but we confidently move not only because we were taught, but thanks to an intuitive inner understanding.

Intuition, which helps to write without mistakes, works as follows. Before you write a word on paper, a person checks it in his mind using a certain image. This process occurs fairly quickly and often unconsciously. Studies have shown that in literate people, the image of the word appears in the left area of ​​the internal visual space. Accordingly, chronically illiterate people represent an image in the right field.

The secret is that in the left part of the visual space of our memory there are objects that we actually saw, and in the right part there are abstract images.For example, if you imagine two objects for a second: your car and a non-existent animal, then the first object will be to the left and the second to the right in the visual memory space.

The conclusion is quite interesting:There are no people in the world who are naturally unable to write correctly. Those who make spelling mistakes simply go to the wrong part of the brain.They seem to be looking for a recipe for dessert in that section of the cookbook, where recipes for main dishes are recorded. To learn how to write correctly, you just need to reveal your intuition, a little help your brain, that's all. After a while, the spelling skill will become natural and reflexive for you.

Algorithm intuitive spelling:

  1. Imagine a familiar object of the outside world: your house, the view from the window, etc. Note in which area of ​​the internal visual space a familiar image appears. Notice the feeling you have that signals that this is the object that actually exists.
  2. Do the same with the word "house." Imagine this word in the part of the visual space of the brain in which you felt familiar objects. Remember the feeling that this is something familiar. Do this with other simple short words.
  3. Try swapping letters in selected words. For example, replace “home” with “mod”, etc. Notice how the feeling of something familiar goes away. What new feeling appears?
  4. Choose other words, more difficult, and also check them.Carefully track the sensations. Go back to familiar words and objects and compare the feelings and position of images in memory.

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