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On the shelves of stores in sufficient quantities are presented confectionery. You can buy almost everything: from simple cookies to gourmet cakes. But a separate line has always been baking. Never purchased buns and pies can not be compared with homemade. And, you see, not every hostess will riskyeast dough for piesgrab yeast dough for pies. Cooking it is traditionally considered a difficult task, available only to experienced craftswomen. But this is only at first glance. There are several secrets of how to prepare yeast dough for pies, so that the baking process brings pleasure no less than the subsequent eating of finished products. A detailed description of the cooking process will turn complex recipes into simple ones.

Simple yeast dough for pies

It is simplicity - the main advantage of this recipe. This also applies to the preparation and selection of ingredients. Preparing the dough for this recipe a couple of times, you memorize it. Let's get started

First act

Take a glass of milk and warm it up. Boil or even bring to a boil is not necessary. The temperature should be a little higher.yeast dough on sour creamroom In warm milk, dissolve the yeast (small bag).

Second act

In a solution of milk and yeast, add two tablespoons of sugar, a pinch of vanillin, a pinch of salt. You drive one egg. While stirring the mixture, slowly pour two to three cups of flour. As a result, the dough should turn out a little steeper than pancakes. The last added ingredient will be three to four tablespoons of warm vegetable oil. You can replace it with melted creamy margarine for baking.

Third action

The finished batch need to ferment for forty minutes. During this time, the dough should rise well. Palm it down and leave the goodness for another twenty minutes. On the free surface of the table pour three cups of flour. In it lay out a good dough. Stir it well. After that, sprinkle the surface with flour and leave for about ten minutes to rise a little.

What is the result?

Such yeast dough for pies turns out magnificent. The products themselves are soft.From this dough, you can bake not only pies with different fillings, but also donuts, buns, and pies.

Yeast dough on sour cream

There is an opinion that if sour cream is included in the recipe, then the yeast is out of place. But there is a way when the dough with this combination is surprisingly soft and tender.

Stage One

In a glass dish, pour two tablespoons of sugar, twenty-five grams of dried French yeast and add half a cup of warm milk to them. Mix everything andhow to make yeast dough for piesgive a little ferment (about fifteen minutes). When carbon dioxide bubbles appear on the surface of the mixture, add a pinch of salt and five hundred grams of sour cream. Two or three glasses of sifted flour fall into the mixture. In the end, it should turn out not too steep dough, which sticks slightly to the hands. Cover the dish with a kitchen towel or lid. Give the dough a good ferment and rise, this process takes about an hour and a half.

Stage Two

Spread the dough on a well-floured table. Now you need to knead it. Yeast dough for pies can only be considered ready when a lot of small holes appear on its cut.

In conclusion - some tips

The first of these would be a recommendation to check the quality of the yeast. Dissolve a small amount in half a glass of warm water or milk. If the fermentation process starts within ten minutes, then the quality is good. And you can safely begin to prepare yeast dough for pies. The second tip is a reminder that the fermentation process takes place only in a warm place. If the dough does not rise, put it in a warmer corner.

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