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Yuri Makeev - an actor. A native of Moscow. Known for his role Mazaeva in the film "Soldiers". He created a culinary theater called "Theater of Taste", where he still works as an artistic director. He has acting and culinary education.

Yuriy Makeev is known mainly for his cinema roles, but the current artistic director of the “Theater of Taste” has practically no relation to cinema today, although in his interviews he said that he could return to the set if “good work” appeared in which will offer the role of "character with a story." Now Yury Makeev is engaged in theatrical affairs. According to him, this work brings much less money than shooting a movie, but he considers this earnings to be more honest.

Yuri Makeev


Yuri Makeev was born on February 19, 1980 in the city of Moscow. After school, he became a student of the Russian Academy of Theater Arts, in which he gained knowledge until 2002.After studying, he was sent to the Theater of the Russian Army, where he served in the military. According to Yuri, in those days, he often had to take layoffs to attend castings. His efforts were not in vain, one of the attempts to get the role was completed successfully, and Yuriy Makeev became an actor in the series “Deadly Force”, in which he participated in the filming of the Overtime series.

It is worth saying that the military theme is present in several works of Makeev. With director Kirill Serebrenikov he played a soldier. According to his confession, he considers this role to be more truthful than the one that he got in the series “Soldiers”, in which he also managed to take part. The actor claims that in this film was touched "tough social theme." According to him, this role has become a professional impetus for him. In 2003, Makeev was noticed by English director Declan Donnelan, who invited him to play in his play The Three Sisters, which took place on the Paris stage.

Yuri Makeev Actor

About the difficulties for novice actors

In a conversation about his profession, he notes that it is very difficult for a young actor to find a job, because the same people are being shot on the show.In confirming his words, he adds that only six out of thirty people have become actors from his course, the rest have nothing to do with acting today. Yuri Makkeev admits that he has “no relationship” with the theater.

In search of his vocation, Makeev, who claims that he loves and knows how to cook, engaged in the culinary business. His job was to prepare meals for receptions and banquets. Yuri admits that this business allowed no one to depend economically. This state of affairs suited him completely, since he "does not like working for his uncle."

Yuri Makeev Movies

Work in the cinema

Role in the TV series "Soldiers" was random. At Gorky's film studio, where Yuri looked in for his business project, he met a familiar assistant who led him to the film director Arlanov. Seeing the actor, the director immediately agreed to take on the role of Mazaeva, since he considered that Yuri fully complied with this type.

According to the actor, it was difficult enough for him to act in film, during filming he turned on an “internal clip”. One of the most interesting scenes for himself considers the episode with the pseudo-pregnancy of one heroine, in which his character almost took the life of a doctor.The actor notes that this story could have been played even more touchingly and more emotionally, but the bustle on the set prevented this.

Yury Makeev private life

Bright role

One of the roles that seriously interested him, he calls the role in the TV series "Sins of Fathers" with a plot somewhat resembling "Romeo and Juliet", in which he plays a romantic character. Yuriy Makeev, who made exhausting trips from city to city for the role of this role, hoped to be noticed, but this did not happen. After this role of sentences in the movie did not increase, on the contrary, the actor at that period was a time of calm. He went to the tests, but never starred.

Own theater

It was then that he decided to create the “Theater of Taste” Yuriy Makeev. Films with his participation can now be seen on television, but the current Yuri realizes himself completely in his brainchild and does not want to be in film characters. He creates a peculiar setting, during which make bread and salads. However, cooking in these performances is still in second place. In the first place is the dialogue about the most important: about the family, home, the search for harmony in life. In this context, it should be said that the personal life of Yuri Makeyev is in perfect order, he is an excellent family man.Together with his wife raises a son and daughter.

Films and series with his participation:

  • "I saw you first."
  • "Cobra" Antiterror ".
  • "List of lovers of the Russian Federation."
  • "Soldiers" (5, 6, 8, 9, 10).
  • "Urban Romance".
  • "Wood grouse".
  • "Simple Truths."
  • "The ark".
  • "Deadly force 6".
  • "Airport".
  • "Ranetki."

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