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The article contains a summary of the story "Exchange". Y. Trifonov - a writer who became known in the 60s of the last century not only in his own country, but also outside the country thanks to the book The House on the Embankment

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Yuri Valentinovich Trifonov was born in Moscow in 1925. After 12 years, the parents of the future writer were repressed. Yuri was brought up by her grandmother — an ardent revolutionary in the past. Trifonov became interested in literature as a schoolboy. For the first time his works were published in 1950, in the journal New World. But glory, as already said, to himbrought"House on the Embankment", which tells about the inhabitants of the prestigious Moscow region, most of whom died in Stalin's camps in the 30s.

 summary of the exchange of triphon

The summary of the “Exchange” Trifonov will not be able to retell in chapters. The author has not divided the work into any parts. But before the presentation, it is necessary to highlight the main events that occur with the characters of the story. Summary of the "Exchange" Y.Trifonov is more convenient to express according to the following plan:

  • Disease.
  • Family feuds.
  • In search of money.
  • Tanya.
  • Childhood memories.
  • Lukyanov.
  • Petty bourgeois and bigotry.

The summary of Trifonov’s “Exchange” can be summarized intwo or threephrases. In the story about the collision of members of completely different families. Different in views, moral positions. Comes to the familygrief - disagreementsharpened. I remember the old offenses, the main character is trying to rethink past years, to understand the reason for his quarrels with his mother and sister. So, let's proceed to the brief content of the “Exchange” by Trifonov, in which the characterization of the characters will be presented.

yury trifonov exchange summary


With living space in Moscow -in the city in whichpopulation size every yearis growing- there were always problems. In the late sixties, when the Trifonov story “The Exchange” was created, the summary of which is presented in this article, the housing problem was particularly acute. When solving it, such human vices as greed and greed often surfaced. Overcome by the desire to take possession of real estate, people sometimes forgot about mercy, an elementary respect for loved ones.

The summary of the “Exchange” of Trifonov should begin with a description of the main event. The mother of the main character, Victor Dmitriev, became ill. She spent several weeks in the Botkin Hospital. The worst was confirmed - Ksenia Fedorovna (Dmitriev's mother) has cancer.

The woman knows nothing aboutitsthe diagnosis. She believes that she has a stomach ulcer, and hopes for a speedy recovery. Relatives of Ksenia Fyodorovna, as relatives often dohopelesslysick, do not reveal to her the truth. Lena - the wife of the protagonist - a man too practical. Even in this situation, she is trying to get benefits.

Ksenia Fedorovna lives in a communal apartment located in a prestigious area - on Profsoyuznaya. In order to take over the living space after the death of a woman, Lena decides to come together with her.AndPreviously, she tried hard to avoid communicating with her mother-in-law.

 Yu Trifonov exchange summary

Trifonov's "Exchange" Summary: Family Fights

Victor Dmitriev was married to Elena about 14 years. Also inthe beginning of your family lifeHe made many vain attempts to improve the relationship between mother and spouse. But they were too different people. Victor had long conversations with Ksenia Fedorovna.He quarreled with Elena. For several years he insisted on moving in with Ksenia Fedorovna. But the wife was totally against it. Moreover, women could not spend together 20 minutes.

At one time, Dmitriev tried to understand what caused the disagreement between them. They were women educated, intelligent. Mother held the position of chief librarian in a large institution. Lena was a translator from English and even participated in the compilation of a textbook on translation. Victor tried to understand the reasoncold warbetween wife and mother, but soon he accepted it.

Now, when Ksenia Fyodorovna was on the verge of death, Elena told Dmitry about her desire to move to the Trade Union. But before that, she presented to him her ideas about the exchange. They were stated so casually and busily that Dmitriev could not find the strength to look his wife in the eyes for a long time. While Victor spent time in the hospital, his wife was considering a profitable exchange ...

Looking for money

Even in the summary of Trifonov’s “The Exchange”, it can be concluded that this product reflects the usual everyday situation familiar to many families.When differences arise between a husband and wife, it is not so easy to resolve them. Someone has to give in. In the family of Trifonovs, Victor usually had to do this. The very next day after talking about the exchange, he tried to convince himself that Elena had acted correctly, in a womanly way wisely. Perhaps their move to the mother will have a beneficial effect on health. After all, people are cured of cancer.

Illness of a loved one is always a hassle and, of course, financial expenses. Dmitry urgently needed to find a large sum for those times. In addition, resigned to the idea of ​​Helen and following the instructions, he began to collect information among his colleagues regarding ways of profitable exchange. Both in the first and in the second Tatiana helped him. With this woman from Victorhappenedonce a short love affair. Sometimes it seemed to him that she could have become a better wife for him than Lena.

y triphon exchange summary


Dmitry was 37 years old. He saw himself as an uninteresting man, no longer young, beginning to gain weight. Why did Tatiana love him so devotedly, without demanding anything in return? Did he deserve it? Victor has repeatedly asked himself similar questions, but finallyhas comeconcluded that this is the way it should be. They love not for something, but in spite of. Unlike Elena, Tanya knew how to listen, empathize, feelings were not fake. And she, not least, liked Ksenia Feodorovna.

Childhood memories

After meeting with Tatiana, Victor went to his mother, who lived in one of the suburban Moscow suburbantownships. Suddenly flooded memories of childhood and adolescence. Dmitriev's parents were ardent opponents of philistinism in any of its manifestations. The father often quarreled with his brothers who had not received an education, representing a limited, greedy people.

Victor's mother was a completely disinterested person. She loved helping people. Material values ​​for her as if did not exist. Having already reached a mature age, she began to learn English. And she did it solely to read English novels in the original. Despised philistinism and sisterVictor - Laura. But she, unlike her mother, was tough,cutting intoexpressions incapable of compromise.


That was the name of Elena's parents. Victor's sister once accused him of beingsodden. In this bizarre verb Laura put the following meaning: to become a tradesman, to reject spiritual values, to pursue gain. Neither his mother nor his sister Victor and did not know about the quarrels that occurred between him and his wife. They did not know about the scandals that ended with the cry of Natasha, Dmitriev's daughter. They did not realize that he could not talk with his wife for several days. And the reasons for these quarrels have always been Elena's relationship to his mother.

Lukyanovs were people who could live. They easily solved the problem of arranging the dacha, which seemed rather difficult to Dmitriev. They were practical people, but, according to Ksenia Fyodorovna, not intelligent enough. Helena's father made acquaintances extremely quickly, and these acquaintances were always useful, advantageous. This ability Lukyanova passed on to his daughter.

Once sociability, practicality, the ability to easily solve domestic issues admired Victor. But over the years, much in his wife became annoying. Dmitriev found in her some kind of spiritual deafness - it was this trait that allowed Elena on the days when Ksenia Fyodorovna was in the Botkin hospital to think about the issue of exchange.

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Petty bourgeois and bigotry

Relatives of Viktor accused Lukyanov of philistinism. Elena during scandals with her husband, reaching insults, used such a word as hypocrisy. When reading the brief content of the “Exchange” by Yuri Trifonov, one may get the impression that the talk in this work is about the confrontation between good and bad characters. No, the book talks about ordinary family feuds, in which there are no right and wrongdoers. So, the relatives of Victor boast of their education, intelligence,spirituality. Elena's parents lack tactfulness and emotional sensitivity. Wrong, perhaps, and those and others.

triphons story exchange summary

The quarrels between the Dmitrievs and the Lukyanovs temporarily faded into the background after the death of Ksenia Fyodorovna. Dmitriev's health declined, for two weeks he was in bed rest aftertransferredhypertensive crisis.

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